Simone Jones

Owner and Yoga Teacher

Simone Jones

Simone Jacqueline Jones is a Vinyasa based instructor from California, and has been teaching for over four years since receiving her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certificate training in Los Angeles, and plans to further her yoga-learning with a course in pre natal yoga in the new year.


Simone has taught in many different capacities, and upon her move to Oxford is so happy to be bringing yoga to the community. Since opening Prana Yoga in September 2015, she’s been delighted to be a part of the growing yoga awareness in Oxford, and is hoping to find more of the same in years to come!


Yoga Teacher

Reggie Mechulan

Reggie started practicing ashtanga yoga about 15 years ago in the states, but truly immersed herself in all styles of yoga after moving to the U.K. What began as a fitness routine resulted in enormous physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Yoga taught her to accept and appreciate her body as it is today - for the strength, energy, and mobility it offers. This led her to deepen her practice by completing her 200hr teacher training in 2019 right here in Oxford, focusing on accessible and inclusive vinyasa yoga. She has taught yoga to groups of all ages, shapes, and sizes and will now offer a space at Prana where all feel welcomed!

Yoga Teacher

Brett Parris

Brett has been teaching Vinyasa yoga since 2016, having trained in Australia and then furthering his yoga studies with an MPhil in Classical Indian Religion and Sanskrit at Oxford. He is currently studying for a DPhil in yogic philosophy and ethics. 

Christie Petrakopoulou

Yoga Teacher

Christie Petrakopoulou

Trainings: RYT Hatha, 200-hour, Restorative, 33-hour. 


Christie began her yogic journey through Ashtanga Vinyasa in 2013 in Stockholm and has since been an eager and loving student of yoga. What drives Christie's teaching and love for the practice of yoga is that the learning never stops. She sees Yoga as a never-ending journey that she is very eager to share with others. 


She believes in the power of love and healing through letting go. The smiles on her student’s faces warm her soul. Her life purpose: to make yoga inclusive and not exclusive. 


Karma yogini. Anatomy geek. Flow junkie. Coffee lover. Energetic being. Multitasker. Citizen of the world. Digital nomad. Unicorn enthusiast. Foodie. Above all, always in service. 


Yoga Teacher

Grace Young

After spending 6 months in India in early 2015, I qualified as a 500 hour Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga teacher, and have been teaching ever since.


As my profession, I work in mental health and social care and I quickly drew parallels with the benefits of yoga and overcoming some of the challenges of the most vulnerable in society. I established a partnership with the West Yorkshire charity, Together Women Project, who help women with the transition from prison to community life. I taught free weekly classes, supporting them to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as encouraging them to see their bodies as strong and resilient. I also taught hot yoga alongside my postgraduate degree in York and enjoyed being part of the yoga community.


Following my move to Oxford, I found Prana Yoga, a beautiful space to teach, practice, and learn from others.

Jo Zaremba

Yoga Teacher

Jo Zaremba

Jo has been practicing yoga for nearly 40 years, and teaching for more than ten years, developing a fun and friendly approach to Yoga which is suitable for all levels, ages, and interests in yoga.  Her classes follow a ‘vinyasa’ flow and are intended to introduce people to different poses through playing with variations and carefully sequencing the poses to progress to the level that feels right.

Jo started practicing Yoga in her teens, finding the practice physically and mentally stimulating, challenging, and relaxing.  Over the years she has practised different styles of yoga – from Hatha to Astanga, settling on what is called ‘Vinyasa’ or flowing Yoga.  Interested in share yoga with others, Jo began to lead classes at work in 2003, and qualified as a yoga teacher in 2009. 


As a cyclist, runner, swimmer and hiker, Jo has found yoga an invaluable part of training and keeping fit.  She also practices yoga regularly during her work-related travels as a humanitarian and development consultant.  She recently completed a Yoga for Sports teacher training and has been teaching a range of yoga classes aimed at physically active people in Oxford, UK, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tibet, Peru and Madagascar. 

Kamila Nigmatulina

Yoga and Barre Teacher

Kamila Nigmatulina

Kamila completed her professional yoga training at YogaLondon. Her personal practice of yoga has taught her how to balance the physical body and mind, connect breath and movement and how to let go of worries and anxieties. Yoga helps her to stay present and find joy in every single moment of my life. She cultivates these elements into her classes, which focus on alignment, developing the core, incorporating breathing practices and providing modifications suitable for all. She believes that everyone and every body can benefit from the practice of yoga.


Kamila teaches different styles of yoga including modified Ashtanga style, Vinyasa flow, Yin and Restorative. By teaching how to pay attention to what is going on in the body and mind in each moment, she aims to teach students how to bring greater awareness and surrender to everything they do.


Off the yoga mat Kamila is involved into a variety of sport activities including running, boxing and skiing. She is also a certified Indian Head massage specialist.

Yoga Teacher

Michalina Stempień

Michalina is an Ashtanga style teacher, dedicated to this practice and philosophy. She is a committed student of Taylor Hunt - the owner of Trini Foundation and Authorised Level 2 KPJAYI Ashtanga Yoga Teacher from whom she received her yoga training. 

For the last couple of years she has attended many of his European workshops. In 2018 she went to the United States to help Taylor teaches at his yoga studio Ashtanga Yoga Columbus. During this time she helped him with running and teaching the AYC but also he trained her to start a yoga program back in England.


Recently she also started her training with another Authorised Level 2 KPJAYI Ashtanga Yoga Teacher - Santina Giardina-Chard who became her mentor and spiritual guidance. As Santina  augments her yoga teaching with her work as a therapist, holding a Masters of Gestalt Therapy — Michalina learns from her how to combine Ashtanga method with this therapy.


She joined Prana Yoga in January 2019 and since that time she’s got a group of her dedicated students. She believes that beyond its physical side, Ashtanga is primarily a framework to do much deeper inner self practice. Her philosophy is “sometimes less means more” as she believes students should be aware of their bodies first and get to know asanas well before they move further within their practice. Her classes are challenging but also full of fun. 

Come and join her every Tuesday and Thursday 7:30pm and Saturday 9:30am (beginners class).

Yoga Teacher

Misha Clarke

Misha began her yoga journey in childhood. Then whilst living in Australia (2012-2017) deepened her practise and knowledge by committing to a daily practise with her studio in Perth, WA. Practising hot yoga, heated vinyasa and yin (almost) daily for over 8 years, her fascination and thirst for more yogic knowledge continued to grow. Completing her RYT200, in vinyasa flow and positive psychology, seemed only natural. She loves to share her knowledge and passion for yoga with her students. Expect new challenges, dynamic transitions and creative sequencing. Misha has a zest for life and her classes will leave you inspired and refreshed (if a little wobbly).  Prepare to sweat, laugh and get out of your own way in these strength building dynamic classes.

Yoga Teacher

Sophia Argyris

Sophia has been practicing yoga since 2006 after seeing an inspirational programme about B.K.S Iyengar. Very quickly yoga has become a central part of her life, and having felt the physical and mental benefits for herself she went on to qualify as an Iyengar Yoga teacher in 2011 after completing the two year teacher training at the Putney Iyengar Yoga Centre in London. Since then she has taught regular classes at various venues in Oxford, and has been delighted to see her students progress in their practice and feel the benefits of yoga.

In the Iyengar system teachers have the option of continuing to train for more advanced teaching qualifications, and because Sophia believes that to be a good teacher you should always remain a student she has undertaken two of theses additional qualifications through the IYA (UK), most recently to qualify as Intermediate Junior Level 2 Iyengar teacher in March 2017.  As well as teaching yoga Sophia is a Thai Yoga Massage therapist, and is currently training to teach this bodywork to new therapists.

Yoga Teacher

Sarah Leyla Puello

For Sarah, yoga is a path of service, and movement is a spiritual practice.

She has been practicing yoga for over 12 years, as a counterpoint to a busy urban lifestyle, and as a way of healing the body, the mind and the soul. Her classes are known for weaving together traditional yogic teachings with fluid asana, deliberate breathwork and flavourful music. She loves the potential for creativity, devotion and therapy that endures in the practice, and she creates classes with sequencing inspired by  Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga,  Jivamukti Yoga and Sacred Geometry.


Inspired by her teachers Ana Forrest, Alessandro Gozzi and Mary Dana Abbott, Sarah aims to create spaces for connection, where students can find their own body-language; their own healing paths - a journey that she believes leads to moving in the world from a place of grace, love, compassion and authenticity.

Sarah is certified in Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga,  Hot Power and HIIT Yoga.

Ale Manning

Events and Media Manager

Yoga Teacher

Ale Manning

Ale first discovered and immediately fell in love with yoga in 2010.  She has practised various styles since, including Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Acro- and Aeroyoga before deciding to become a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. 

Ale offers an energetic practise that combines music with flowing yet challenging sequences aimed at building strength and flexibility. Helping you explore the Yogic philosophy and developing compassion for yourself and others.  Her warmth, joy & energy are infectious.

Ale is a certified member of Yoga Alliance Professionals (RYT800) and Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

Anna Oldfield

Yoga Teacher

Anna Oldfield

Anna completed her 200hrs teacher training with YogaLondon in 2010. Her teaching combines flowing, dynamic sequences with deep relaxation. Fascinated by a wide variety of practices, she draws together a broad range of influences from emerging styles as well as established traditions.


Her journey into motherhood led her to prenatal yoga and ignited a calling to work with pregnant women.  She is also trained as a doula and mother blessing facilitator, and is now expanding her skills to encompass women's health and wellbeing more widely.


She also offers gong meditation where participants are 'bathed' in waves of sound, using gongs, singing bowls and other instruments. Being immersed in these vibrations helps participants to achieve deep relaxation, clear their minds and can induce a dream-like state (or a very restful yoga-nap if that's what your body's calling for!)


Yoga Teacher

Alicia Roscoe

I teach with full presence, humility and an open heart. I gently ask my students to take a break from ‘real’ life and help them open the doors into their true nature and let the light in. I am passionate about helping people discover the beauty of the practice of yoga. I include philosophy, poetry, pranayama, vinyasa, meditation and massage in my classes and bring lightness and playfulness wherever possible. 

I teach all ages and abilities, specific classes include; Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga and kids yoga. 

Yoga Teacher

Rhi Kitson

Rhi led a very active lifestyle before she first encountered yoga back in 2011. Yoga soon influenced her outlook on life and had a huge impact on her wellbeing. Yoga gave Rhi permission to slow down her mind, move her body in ways she was never capable of and even repair the ACL tear in her left knee she sustained through a skiing injury. 

Rhi quickly learnt that the role of a yoga teacher is one that is both wonderfully exciting and a never-ending journey of exploration and learning. Her desire to teach and bring her passion for movement and creative sequencing to others quickly went from a dream into a reality. She launched herself under the yogi name ‘Fluid Fox Yoga’ and teaches online and at various studios throughout the Cotswolds. 

Rhi enjoys to teach Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Her teaching style emphasises three intertwined areas: physical alignment, the flow of energy and mindfulness. Her classes and workshops will help you open and unblock your body, develop a deeper awareness of yourself with a focus on living in the present moment. 


Yoga Teacher

Hannah Nicholas

Hannah qualified in Hatha Yoga at the end of 2016 with Ashtak Yoga in Goa, India. She has since done additional training with Rainbow Yoga in Yoga for Kids and Teens.

Hannah feels yoga can be an amazing tool to access a deeper understanding of who we are and the greater world around us, it can assist in guiding us through the subtleties and rhythms of life. Yoga is an available way to open up and release tension, bringing calm, natural flowing energy into the body. Hannah feels each person benefits individually from their practice; so whether you are seeking athletic development or spiritual awakening, you shall find what you seek.

Hannah is very passionate about sharing yoga with everyone - remembering just how intimidating it can be starting out – her aim is to create space where yoga is accessible to all, she is keen to hold a safe and welcoming space for you to come and explore your practice, maybe discover something new and most importantly to have fun!


Hannah's classes tend to be relaxed and playful with a sprinkle of challenge, she encourages you to listen and tune into the mind, body and breath and find what feels right and nourishing for you today.


Yoga Teacher

Kristine Homoki

Kristine is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. Her love story with yoga began in 2004 while living on the tropical island, Boracay, Philippines. She began teaching yoga in 2008 as a side job while travelling the world on a cruise ship, and since arriving in Oxford in 2010 she has taught thousands of hours of yoga to many hundreds of students. 


Kristine loves being a student as much as being a teacher, and the wide variety of trainings she took over the last 16 years have greatly influenced present teaching approach - challenging, fun and refreshing with a touch of philosophy. Her trainings include Hatha, Core Strength Vinyasa, Hot Power, Astanga, Yin and Restorative, and other influences include Sivananda Yoga, Mindfulness and Traditional Yoga. Kristine is incredibly grateful to all her past, present and future teachers, which includes all her students.


She believes that yoga practice should be enjoyable, and although the practice can be at times challenging physically, mentally and emotionally, she believes that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. That every wobble or fall is part of the learning process that we should fully embrace.


Kristine is the resident yogi at the   

University's Saïd Business School and teaches yoga in their Executive programmes, where executives train to become extraordinary leaders who can make positive impacts to the world. 

Lily Rossiter

Pilates Teacher

Lily Rossiter

Lily is a level 3 qualified Pilates teacher. After years of practicing Pilates she decided to train to become a teacher in 2017 and hasn't looked back since!

Pilates has helped Lily to strengthen her body and core, and improve her flexibility and posture, which in turn has helped to protect her back after several nasty injuries.
Pilates also acts as a release from daily stressors, reminding her to focus on connecting mind and body, and to live in the here and now.

Please come and join Lily on the mat for a dynamic and playful Pilates practice, in a warm and friendly environment.

Yoga Teacher

Najia Bagi

Najia Bagi has been practicing yoga for eight years, after falling in love with the practice in her first class. She completed a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certificate in 2018, training in London and Andalucia with Inspira Yoga.


Najia is passionate about spreading the concept of Ahimsa / Kindness through her teaching, and infuses every class with an attitude of self exploration and acceptance. She teaches Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga styles. These influences come together when Najia teaches, creating a space for mediation and the joining of breath and body.


Expect some challenging postures, flow and long held postures with a sprinkling of Chi Gong for fun! 


Yoga Teacher

Sarah Hollitzer

I was first introduced to yoga during my A’ level years and did nothing but dabble with it until 3 years ago, when I fully surrendered and began practicing everyday. As I began to feel my body reaping all manner of benefits, I decided that I wanted to share the gift of yoga and to train as a teacher. I qualified as a 200 hour Vinyasa teacher with Yoga Quota in 2018.


In April 2019, I began studying Core Strength Vinyasa with Anya Hawkes and Cassie Cardiff. This has been an incredible journey.


CSV is wonderfully unique and, for me, extremely empowering. It can really light you up from within and I want to share this with you.


My classes will be warm and playful, and I hope to create space for you to have some fun and move intuitively.

Yoga Teacher

Venetia Adamson

Venetia started practising yoga in 2012 after transitioning from university life to living and working in the US. Inspired by the inclusivity and self expression of yoga, she started to incorporate the lessons learnt on my mat into everyday life. A couple of years of travelling, working and 'burning out' led to a light bulb moment, and she decided to make her yoga practise her lifestyle.


Venetia completed her 200 hours in Ashtanga Vinyasa in Florence in 2015 and then went back to Goa, India to complete her 500 hours and studied Ashtanga, Ayurveda and Yogic philosophy further. Inspired by the traditions of Ashtanga, as well as contemporary styles such as Vinyasa flow and Yin, Venetia always aim to sequence playful, accessible classes to motivate and empower every student. She has been teaching to all a wide range of abilities, ages and levels since her training and is motivated by the response she get from students, new and experienced, after every class.